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TOPCON GR-5 Base & Rover

Serial No:1117-20283 and 1117-20284

GR-5 DIGITAL UHFII Dual Base and Rover Kit contains a satellite receiver that allows surveyors to obtain extremely accurate readings for measurements. The system receives the signals from GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO satellites using the innovative Fence Antenna. It has highly sensitive tracking.

The GR-5 DIGITAL UHFII Dual Base and Rover Kit is portable and durable, so it is reliable in the field. The hot-swappable battery system will allow the unit to continue working, without downtime when the battery gets low. It has a longer battery life, compared to similar units.

With the GR-5 DIGITAL UHFII Dual Base and Rover Kit having 226 universal tracking channels, it helps ensure less interference from other signals in the area. It also has internal memory storage, to save all the data. It also has modem, so that you can transmit the data wirelessly to a data storage unit.

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