Tappan Zee Sales

- Push Boat Tug "Yankee" (TB06) -

Price: $1,450,000.00 $1,450,000.00
Available: March 2020


New build completed in 2016 by Diversified Marine Services, LLC, Bourg, LA,

Dimensions 58.0’L x 28.0’B x 7.0’D

Uninspected and unclassed twin screw push boat,

rectangular, having flat deck, straight sides, raked forward end, flat bottom pulled up aft

over the underwater machinery and square stern. The vessel was built to ABS Rivers

requirements however is not classed.


The deck house features are single level house over the machinery, second level void

space with pilothouse atop. Propulsion power is provided by twin Caterpillar model C-8

diesel engines rated at 1200 HP, driving through Twin Disc model MGX 516 marine

reversing gears with 5.01-1 reduction, fitted with four blade 52” diameter stainless steel

propellers . Fitted with flanking rudders. Otherwise, vessel is fitted with a complete

complement of deck fittings including two push knees, fire-fighting and safety

equipment, helm station and complete electronics package, HVAC system and two

diesel gensets. Vessel is fitted for day service.


Appearance is good. Main engine hours are: port 10,817.0 and starboard 10,755.0.


Currently located in the Hudson River, New York, USA near Nyack, NY