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- Push Boat Tug "Server" (TB05) -

Price: $1,150,000.00 $1,150,000.00
Available: NOW


New build completed in 2014 by R & R Boats, Inc., Chauvin, LA, hull # 39

Dimensions 58.0’L x 28.0’B x 7.0’D

Uninspected and unclassed twin screw push boat, rectangular,

having flat deck, straight sides, raked forward end, flat bottom pulled up aft over the

underwater machinery and square stern.


The official # is 1256271 – 76 GRT / 60 NRT.


The deck house features are single level house over the machinery, second level void

space with pilothouse atop. Propulsion power is provided by twin Caterpillar model C-18

diesel engines rated at 1200 HP, driving through Twin Disc Model 516 marine reversing

gears with 5-1 reduction, fitted with four blade 64” x 54” stainless steel propellers . Fitted

with flanking rudders. Otherwise, vessel is fitted with a complete complement of deck

fittings including two push knees, fire-fighting and safety equipment, helm station and

complete electronics package, HVAC system and two Kubota gensets. Vessel is fitted

for day service.


Appearance is good. Main engine hours are: port 16,519.6 and starboard 16,596.8.


Currently located on the Hudson River, New York, USA near Nyack, NY