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- Manitowoc Potain MR608 Tower Crane -

Price: $1,000,000 USD
Available: Now

Manitowoc Potain MR608 Tower Crane

Four (4) cranes available

Two cranes located in Tarrytown, NY.  Two cranes located in Tomkins Cove, NY.

Mast & Mast Accessories
(3 ea) KM850.10B ‐ 10m Mast Sections
(2 ea) KM850.10A ‐ 5m Mast Sections
(1 ea) K850/KR800 ‐ 10 Mast Sections
(8 ea) KRMT849A ‐ 5m Mast Sections
(1 ea) Building Anchor Frame ‐ 2.45m
(1 ea) Telescoping Cage

Jib Length ‐ 60m
SM/DM hoist block reeving
Maximum Capacity ‐ 32,000kg (32MT)
Hoist Winch ‐ 320LVF80 Optima
Luffing Winch ‐ 150VVF
Potain Ultra View Cabin, Visu II indicators
Electrical slip ring in turntable
95m x 2 4G70mm^2 power cable
Motorized greasing of ring & pinion
10.3 counter jib
60t steel counterweight
1500 kg capacity service derrick with auxiliary winch

Sales Package