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- Linkbelt 298 -

Price: $1,000,000
Available: Now

MAKE/MODEL  - 2008 LINK-BELT 298 HSL, 230 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane 180’ Main Boom Only    Hours: ~5,200    S/N: P3J8-0734 

Located in Coeymans, NY


CARBODY - 9' - 10" (3.00 m) wide by 14'- 9" (4.48 m) in length. Item includes rotating joint, hydraulic hoses for travel motors, and a jacking system with steel floats assist in tread member removal

SIDE FRAMES - The hydrostatically driven side frame assemblies provide a 19' - 3" (5.86 m) gauge and a 27'-9" (8.45 m) overall length when pinned to the lower.  Each removable side frame  includes 48" (1.22 m) wide track shoes, 11 sealed (oil filled) track rollers, 2 sealed (oil filled) carrier rollers, sealed (oil filled) idler, sealed drive planetaries, hydraulic assisted  pin pullers, hydraulic quick-disconnect couplings for drive motor hoses, and lifting  links for easy installation and removal. 

COUNTERWEIGHTS  Two 30,000# (13 608 kg) removable counterweights that mount to the carbody.

GENERAL LOWER ITEMS Items include lifting sling for side frames and counterweight installation and removal,  remote control for carbody jack operation, and lower bubble level.


UPPER FRAME  All welded steel frame with precision machined surfaces for mating parts. 

ENGINE Mitsubishi, 6M70-T3 Tier 3, desiel with 365 gross H.P. ( 272 kw) and 24 volt start / 12 volt charging. 

PUMPS/HYDRAULICS  Pump package includes variable displacement piston pumps and gear pumps to provide independent control for front hoist drum, rear hoist drum, boom hoist drum, third drum,  right travel, left travel and swing. One gear type pump is used as a control system pump. 

FRONT AND REAR HOIST DRUMS   Each power up / power down drum package includes independent hydraulic controlled /  pilot operated axial piston motor, planetary gear reduction unit, automatic controlled  spring applied / hydraulic released multiple disc brake, automatic controlled drum pawl,  electronic drum rotation indicator, drums mounted on anti-friction bearings, 35.3" wide  28 mm grooved laggings on the front and rear drum, and rode dead end. 

BOOM HOIST DRUM  Drum package includes dual boom hoist drums, independent hydraulic controlled / pilot operated axial piston motor, planetary gear reduction unit, automatic controlled spring  applied / hydraulic released multiple disc brake, automatic controlled drum pawl,  electronic drum rotation indicator, 22 mm grooved drum laggins mounted on anti-friction  bearings, and boom hoist limit device. 

SWING SYSTEM Includes dual swing drives, independent hydraulic controlled / pilot operated fixed  displacement motor, planetary gear reduction unit, spring applied hydraulic released 360  degree swing brake, audio/visual swing alarm, four position positive house lock, and free  swing mode. 

COUNTERWEIGHTS Includes 37,425# (16 975 kg) base counterweight and ten 12,250# (5556 kg) wing  counterweights to provide a total of 160,000# (72 575 kg ) of upper counterweight. 

OPERATORS CAB  Item includes fully enclosed modular compartment with safety glass for full vision,  sliding operators door and front window, sliding right side window, roof window with  wiper, front window wiper, heater, defroster, air conditioner, engine instrumentation  panel, 6-way adjustable seat, AM/FM digital radio, fire extinguisher, rear view mirrors, load moment limiter with graphic display (anti-two block with function kick-out),  hand/foot throttle, hand/foot travel controls and arm chair single access controllers. 

GENERAL UPPER STRUCTURE ITEMS  Hydraulic counterweight removal system with hand-held control, 20-part bail assembly,  left & right side catwalks, rigid drum guards, 132 gallon 00 L(5) fuel tank, and hydraulic boom foot pin removal. 

ATTACHMENT 60’ (18.29 m) LIFT CRANE ATTACHMENT - Item includes 68" x 80" (1.73 m x 2.03 m)  tube boom cross section, 30' (9.14 m) third drum ready base section, 30' (9.14 m) open throat top section with jib/extension lugs, 6 boom point sheaves, boom angle indicator, deflector roller, sky walk platform.

BOOM HOIST SYSTEM  Items include 25' (7.62 m) live mast, 20 part reeving with type `LB' 22 mm x 885' (269.75 m) wire rope, dual rigid (spring buffered) boom backstops and boom limit switch. 

PENDANTS Wire rope pendants - Items include four 1.25" x 26'-10" (31.75 mm x 8.18 m) type `DB',  and four 1.25" x 5' - 4" (31.75 mm x 1.63 m) type `DB', midpoint pendants two 1" x 130' - 6" (25 mm x 39.78 m) type `DB'. 

RATED CAPACITY HARDWARE Items include cable reel, load cell, 2 anti-two block switches, 2 weights, junction box, angle indicator and cable assemblies.