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- Crew Boat "Jeanie II" (WB08) -

Price: $105,000.00
Available: NOW

Crew Boat "Jeanie II" (WB08)

Built in 1977 by Neuville Boat works, Inc., New Iberia, LA

Dimensions 45.0’L x 15.0’B x 5.6’D, approx. 50’ LOA

Uninspected and unclassed twin screw crewboat, official # 580494 – 28 GRT / 19 NRT

Raked stem, hard chine to vee bottom and square stern, with trunk deckhouse having helm station forward, and open aft deck.  Propulsion power is provided by twin John Deere 6.2L diesel engines rated at 600 HP, driving through ZF gears with 2-1 reduction. Otherwise, vessel is fitted with a typical complement of deck fittings, enclosure canopy over aft deck, fire-fighting and safety equipment, helm station and complete electronics package, and HVAC system.

Currently located on the Hudson River, New York, NY near Nyack, NY