Tappan Zee Sales

- Construction Elevators -

Price: $146,000 each
Available: June 2018


Quantity: 2 Available

Model: RX2740HF

Capacity: 6,000 lbs OR 30 people

Hoist Speed: 236 ft/min

Cab Dimensions: 12'10" x 5'0" x 8'6"


(1 ea) Ground Enclosure

(59 ea) 5 ft single rack mast sections - 295 linear feet total 

(10 ea) tie ins (tubes wall brackets)

(4 ea) landing doors ‐ manual (unlocked by operator)

Fully galvanized structure, Diamond plate floor, Automatic Upper and Lower Limits, Proximity Switch for End of Mast Detection, Phase Control / Phase Switch, Cable Trolley System, E&D Manuals, Mast support adapted to incline on base frame, Wider ground enclosure to receive inclined cabin, Additional back‐up rollers to cabin and drive unit, Special rollers for cable trolley car, Cabin (false) floor under incline 4.3 degrees, Drop Test Controls, Frequency Drive, Joystick Controls


Currently located in Tarrytown, NY

RAXTAR Sales Package - Pricing, Photo and Data Sheets
Located in Tarrytown, NY