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- 82 Ton Silo - 550 Bbl -

Price: $55,000.00
Available: NOW
82 Ton Silo

Custom 550 Bbl ( Approx 82 Tons) Silo

Fabricated using ¼ in AR200 102,000 minimum tensile steel in the cone and the cylindrical exterior walls

Silo roof fabricated using 3/16 in AR200 102,000 Min tensile steel

Externally mounted service ladder with safety cage

Full safety railing around the top of silo, service manhole

(2) 5” diameter fill pipe with aluminum adaptor , pop off valve

(12) externally mounted air pads with manifold

(2) Emergency Jam gate (knife gate style)

(2) 12” Butterfly Valve with Actuator

(2) stainless steel dust collector

(2) Low level indicators with light package

(2) High level indicators with light package

Finish coat paint white

Upsized bracing to 6x6x1/2in and upsized connection gussets, add stiffeners to cone on back side, and adjust base plate

Modifications include installing vertical gussets in interior of the silo, boxed in I-beams, added 1/2in and 3/4 in T supports to the existing I-beams, and several additional support plates throughout the structure

Currently Located at Tomkins Cove, NY