Tappan Zee Sales

- 2014 Manitowoc 11000-1 Crawler Crane (CC06) -

Price: $400,000.00
Available: NOW


SERIAL #11001101

Asking Price: $600,000 USD

Currently Located in Nyack, New York

-110 US ton max capacity


- 150ft main boom

One (1) 19' boom butt

One (1) 21' boom top

One (1) 10' section

One (1) 20' section

Two (2) 40' sections


-Detachable upper boom point (rooster sheave) 17,000lbs single line pull


-Engine, Hino J08E-UV Tier 4 interim, 285hp

        Engine Hours: 5,925


HINO J08E-UV, 6 cylinder, water-cooled diesel, direct fuel injection with turbocharger, 213 kW (285 HP) at 2100 high-idle RPM. Maximum torque 1017 N•m (750 lb•ft) net at 1,600 rpm; Interim Tier 4/ Stage IIIB (Required for sale in the US/Canada/ Europe; requires "Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel")

One diesel fuel tank, 400 liters (105 gallons) capacity.

Two 12 volt 136 AH capacity batteries, 24 volt system and 90 amp alternator.

All wiring harnesses and connectors are numbered for easier servicing. Machine is equipped with individual fused branch circuits.


-Two equal width main drums

26mm wire rope

771ft rope front drum

525ft rear drum


-Drums are standard with free fall (drums can be synchronized)


-Boom host drum

492' 16 mm wire rope


-12 US ton hook ball, (block is a separate option please see below)


-Cab with heat and AC, ful1 vision safety glass


-Controls are hydraulic over hydraulic


-Counterweight 69,000 lbs five piece (self removable system is standard)


-Carbody counterweight, two piece 14,300lbs total weight


-Standard hydraulic extendable 17'2" I retracted transportation width 11 '10" track frame


- 97.4 ton charts installed


- Generator pack and lighting system installed


-50 US ton three sheave hook block

2014 Manitowoc 11000 Crawler Crane